July   2011    ARSENAL  F.C.  Press Conferance.    Backdrop.   

        June   2011     Cadbery  Launch at Pavilion.    

                                      Stage 24′ x 16′ x 4′  &  Exposed Banner Truss. 

        March  2011     ESPM Star Sports F1  Lanch.    Covered Banner Truss 

         July   2010      MPH Book Launch  ”Through My Lenses”    Dr M.   

                                         Stage, Backdrop  &  Camera Launch Gimmick.   

           2004      Launching Naza Ria                                    Naza Motors 

        2003      TV Show Arena Of Stars.        Indonesean TV.   

                                                     Multi Split Lvel Stage Design with  3D Illuminated Panels Design Backdrops. 

        2003      Launching Nasa Taxis.                            Naza Motors 

                                     Stage Re-inforced for Taxi to drive on.   Rolling Backdrop Doors.    

         2002     Launching Dental Exibition             Ministry of Health

         2002    Choose Safe Food                                       Ministry of Health

         2002    Health Enviroment                                Minister of Health

            2002   Book Launching                                                         SP  Setia.

            2002      Ground Breaking Ceremony                           University Pekan.

        2001        89th FDI World Dental Congress                 Event & Project Management

        2001         Launching of Putrajaya Commercial Areas         Event & Project Management   

            2001       DEEP PURPLE   Press Conference & Concert Stage Backdrop.

                 2000     Maxis Dealers Convention ( Set & Stage Design & Install )

        2000      Putrajaya Holdings web Launch             Event  Management.   

        2000      Good Mental Health                              MOH.    Launch &  Staging  Design.

         1998       New Logo Launching .                                       Celcom

         1998        Commonwealth Games,  All TV Backdrops.       

           MUSICAL PRODUCTIONs.   ( in conjuntion with)  DANCE FORCE PRODUCTION.

        2003      I Have A Dream                   (The Musical)                      SP Setia Foundation

        2003     Twisted Dream.                   (The Musical)                      SP Setia Foundation       

        2004      Kampong  50′s Magic.       (The Musical)                      SP Setia Foundation   



 Before -    SET  &  STAGE

       1996      Launching Sprite 500ml Bottle.                                    F & N

       1995      Ground-breaking Coca Cola Factory.                           F & N.

       1995      Ground-breaking New Building.                                  Securities Commission.

      1994      The International Year Of The Family                          LPPKN / United Nations


       1994      The Malaysia Video Awards.                                       V.H.Q.

       1993      Opening Shah Alam Stadium.                                    Entertainment Consultant

       1992      600 Years Melaka                                                       Melaka State Government

       1992      International Quran Reading Commpetition.             The Prime Ministers Department 

       1985      Opening Ceremony of  P.W.T.C.                                 The Tresury Department